Artist summarises Future Forum speakers

An innovation at the 2016 industry conference, Future Forum, was the participation of graphic artist Fern Lecuna, who has a global reputation for capturing a speaker’s presentation in graphic form.

Eleven storyboards were created during the Plenary sessions, depicting in an easily digestible form the content of each speaker and panel.

Mr Lecuna, who launched his business Duel Designs in the 90s, has performed at other highly prestigious business events, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

NewsMediaWorks CEO Mark Hollands said the industry body was always seeking to innovate at its conferences and provide delegates with new and more interesting experiences.

 Fern Lecuna’s storyboards from the 2016 Future Forum

A hands-on demonstration area for Virtual Reality technologies, provided by Blowfish, was another example of innovation at this year’s conference.

The graphical art created by Mr Lecuna as each speaker gave their presentation offered an additional level of entertainment for delegates, according to Mr Hollands.

“Fern had absolutely no idea what each speaker was going to say,” he said. “He just went with the flow, and he used indelible ink so there was no room for error. It was fascinating to watch.”

Mr Lecuna himself said his strongest skill was “being a very good listener”, adding that he was delighted with the many positive comments made during the conference about his work. Many delegates took their own photos of Mr Lecuna’s work.

Virtual Reality demonstration by Blowfish

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