2UE’s fresh approach

Sydney talkback radio station 2UE placed ads in Sydney newspapers, the day before launching their new morning show with Paul Murray. Ironically, the ad recognises what we here at The Newspaper Works have known all along – that newspapers drive the morning news agenda across all other media channels.

2UE Fresh ApproachThe use of white space and copy, rather than imagery and other creative devices, is in keeping with the intelligent audience the radio programme is seeking to attract.  It’s almost anti-advertising in its appearance and use of language.  No exclamation points or wacky promotions here!  For that reason alone, it is likely to stand out of the typical clutter of a Sunday newspaper.

The goal of this ad is to increase potential audience Affinity to both 2UE and the Sydney Morning Herald, generate Reappraisal of 2UE as a radio station to listen to, and possibly even speaks to the Public Agenda, in terms of providing an alternative voice on talk back radio.


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