2012 Our Promise

David Jones returns to newspapers with the 2012 edition of their brand building "Our promise" campaign.

David Jones Promise 2012This advertisement, visually showcasing a range of top brands coupled with an “everyday reduced prices” message, ran in newspapers in the lead up to Christmas – and a year after the previous version.

Running as a full-page brand communication, this advertisement shares similarities to the 2011 version where the ‘promise’ was to adhere to the values that had underpinned the company for 174 years, and that it would match the prices of Australian online retailers.

We tested the 2011 advertisement as a part of our Creative Benchmarking programme and found that David Jones did a great job at driving strong brand affinity off the back of its heritage and service promise, as well as generating significant results for re-appraisal. Consumers tested found the advertisement worked to significantly “increase their understanding and familiarity” with the brand and that it was “different from other ads for department stores”.

Against the Action Map, which measures what actions a newspaper ad is likely to generate, respondents tested were twice as likely to “visit the store” versus the retail average.

Other Creative Benchmarking research for competitor Myer revealed that their Christmas brand promises offered consumers a point of differentiation during the festive shopping period, appealing to consumers as a brand that they’d like to interact with rather than a retailer to be comparison shopped.

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