12m read Australian print sections

More than half of all Australians sit down to read their newspaper sections of choice, according to the branded sectional data from the audience insight survey, emma.

Newspaper sections reach 12 million Australians every month, says The Newspaper Works research and insights manager Simon Baty.

“Sections really are a core part of the newspaper – nine out of 10 newspaper readers read a section,” Mr Baty said

Mr Baty said the numbers for all sections were significant when they were placed in context.

The travel section of a newspaper reaches 7.6 million people every month.

“Fifty per cent of all people who are planning to take an international holiday over the next 12 months read a travel section,” Mr Baty said.

Sport is the next most popular section with 7.3 million readers.

While some divide along the gender line is to be expected, Mr Baty said the results were surprising.

“Three million women read sport per month,” he said.

“To give that some sort of context, game three of the State of Origin series was seen by 2.6 million people, according to OzTAM.”

Mr Baty said emma’s ability to look at branded newspaper sections gave media buyers more insight and clarity into reading habits than ever before.

“The section data from emma gives the market what it’s been asking for, for a long time,” Mr Baty said.

“[That is] the ability to be able to look at readership of individual newspaper sections.”

To view more information about branded sectional data in emma, including the breakdown of individual section genres, click here.

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